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    Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary(ABTS)

           (The Global Apostolic University of Biblical Professionalism)


Equipping God's Servants for the Church & Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We believe that the best way to prepare for a lifetime of ministry is to study all 66 books of the Bible systematically and biblically, and continually reminding ourselves that, “The goal of our instruction is love.” (1 Timothy 1:5).

    Start earning your accredited Theological degree today!


Admissions open for the academic year 2020-21.

New Academic  (for regular- residential students) 1st Semester 2020 is starting from 17th January 2020.

 Now, we introduced  more majors,  in both MTh and PhD degree course programs, such as PhD/M.Th in Pastoral Theology & Care,Missiology, Christian Counseling,both Old Testament/ New Testament/ Systematic Theology/Oneness Apostolic Theology!

At ABTS NEW DELHI, we are committed to training men and women for ministry in Asia and the whole World ( Mark 16:15).

If you believe the Lord is calling you into ministry, or if you just want to get some Theological, Biblical training so that you can serve the Lord better, then ABTS New Delhi is the place for you.

Master of Theology (MTh) in Christian  Theology/Leadership/Missiology /Oneness Apostolic Studies/Counseling/Pastoral Theology & Care /Old Testament/New Testament/ Bible Exposition/Systematic Theology.
DD, DMin, DMiss, STD,ThD; PhD. in  Bible Exposition/ Christian Theology/Church Leadership/iBiblical Counseling PhD. in Missiology (PhD. in Miss) PhD. in Systematic Theology (PhD. in ST) PhD In Old Testament (PhD in OT) PhD in New Testament (PhD in NT), Religions (PhD in Religions) & Pastoral Theology & Care.


For those whom God has called, we provide Biblically, theologically-grounded, Gospel- centered training.Truth never changes. The Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi is about the business of proclaiming the truth of God’s Word, that great body of Christian theology which Jude calls “the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”(Jude 3).

ABTS Invites applications from born again committed men and women who have a definite call for the service of the LORD!

ABTS New Delhi,now offers Accredited Theological Degree Courses through residential regular,Internet and Correspondence  in English.We will send Study Material to your door-step in any part of the world if enrolled for Correspondence. 

We also offer all our  Courses and Degrees On-line or through Internet to the National and International students. We will send our curriculum via Email, just study and send the answers via Email/ Postal Mail.We offer the following  Accredited Theological degree courses through Residential Internal (Regular), external and Correspondence/Distance Learning in English!

Accredited Academic Courses offered:-

· B.Th/B.Min/BRE


· DD/D.Min/Th.D/PhD( In Theology/Systematic Theology/Biblical Studies).

Courses are offered through residential (campus-based), Internet / Correspondence/ on-campus class room study  [Day / Evening / Week-END in New Delhi,India.

What Makes ABTS NEW DELHI Unique?

There are four areas which we think make us Unique.

1.   BIBLE EXPOSITION - We believe that the Bible properly taught and applied, is the foundation and superstructure of any God-honoring ministry.  As a result we emphasize both systematic Bible exposition based on original languages ( Greek & Hebrew), and culturally relevant application based upon the exegesis of the Scripture.

2.   CHRIST-LIKENESS - Mere knowledge of God's Word leads to pride, hypocrisy and legalism.  We are concerned that our students not only learn God's Word, but that they learn to obey and grow in Christ-likeness.  A key component of building up our students into Christ- likeness is our student-professor relationships by which we seek to set examples for the students and impart to them not only our teaching, but also our lives.

3.   LOCAL CHURCH MINISTRY - We believe that the church is the only institution set up by Christ to accomplish His purpose on earth.  As a result, we have a strong emphasis on local church ministry.  All our faculty members, has a passion for and experience in local church ministry.  Our desire as a seminary is to assist the local churches of South Asia.

4. NON-DENOMINATIONAL APPROACH OF BIBLE STUDY- The term   “Apostolic" in our name simply means, "Pertaining to the teachings of the Apostles". We believe everything   that Jesus preached, taught and revealed in the scriptures by them. The theology of ABTS is free of denominational creeds and dogmas. This approach exposes bible students to a wide variety of religious sciences in their quest for the truth of God's word. We believe, when a person lays everything aside denominational creeds, dogmas and independently studies the Word of God without all the preconceived ideas, opinions, denominational, religious creeds, traditions, etc., God will unfold His Glorious Truth in its entirety to them.

Objectives of Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi:

 To develop men and women who are able to effectively evangelize those who  do not know Jesus Christ, and who are prepared to disciple saints through their teaching, counseling and caring.

 To serve as a scholarly resource for the exploration and proclamation of the Christian faith.

 To proactively explore the needs of an ever-changing world, working to develop innovative ministries that effectively proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus, while preserving apostolic doctrine and practice for future generations.

 To provide Continuing Education for Pastors, Evangelists, Bible Teachers and Christian Leaders.

 To Equip Professionals, Businessmen/women & Lay Leaders for Ministry.

 To impart Revelation, the knowledge of God’s Word and the hidden wisdom of God.

Mission Statement of ABTS New Delhi:-

Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, the mission of The ABTS New Delhi, is to be totally committed to the Bible as the Word of God, to the Great Commission as our mandate, and to be a servant of the LORD JESUS CHRIST by training, educating, and preparing ministers of the full Gospel for more faithful Service.

The  ABTS  will assist Christian local churches by nurturing students for effective ministry by emphasizing sound biblical exposition and growth in Christ-likeness which will encourage faithful men towards pastoral ministries.

Our Core Values:

Holding to our  Apostolic Doctrine as it faithfully represents God's Word for the world; we at ABTS further emphasize the followings:

 We value the authority of Scripture, the inspiration of the Bible and its authority over every aspect of life. We believe that the truth is absolute and that it is inerrantly recorded in the Holy Scriptures (KJV). The sixty-six books of the Christian Protestant Bible are our authority. We read them at face value and apply them to our lives as individuals and as an institution. The authority of Scripture is our primary value (2Timothy 3:16-17).

  We value the supremacy of Jesus Christ. Because Jesus is God (John 1:3; John 20:28), we are committed to knowing, worshiping, and following Him, our resurrected King, our God and Savior. We are equally committed to the supremacy of His purpose to disciple the nations. Jesus Christ Himself is the truth; He is the standard and value of all things (Colossians 1:17; 3:1-17; Hebrews 13:8). Our curriculum, policies, and programs of study reflect the supremacy of Jesus Christ (Col 2:9-10). 

  We value educational integrity. Because we are committed to the authority of Scripture, we also are committed to do all things for God’s glory. 

 We value expository preaching and teaching, spiritual formational, active participation in the ministry of the local church and cultural engagement.


 So far, the Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi has graduated above five hundred students with B.Th,BD., MDiv, Th.M.  & Doctorate degrees. We have graduated students from Australia, USA, The Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, China, Norway, Canada and Myanmar as well.ABTS New Delhi alumni go on to serve the Lord across India and the world in a variety of positions. Graduates serve as founders or key leaders of impactful ministry programs in India, USA, Netherlands, Norway, China, Canada, Nigeria, Myanmar and Australia.

What can you do with a degree from ABTS NEW DELHI?

These are just some of the ministry roles in which you’ll find ABTS graduates:

•      Teaching in School, Bible College, Seminary and Theological University.

•      Church administration, leadership

•      Pastoral ministry, Hospital Chaplain, 

•      Church planting

•      Church administration, including executive pastor roles.

•      Working with para-church organizations and Christian social service programs, etc!

Most graduates work full-time in ministry in India, Myanmar, The Netherlands, USA, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, China and Norway. And some students continue to earn their D.Min. (Doctorate of Ministry) or Ph.D. (Doctorate of Philosophy) degree at ABTS New Delhi through correspondence courses as well.

Honorary Degrees:

Honorary Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees are conferred upon distinguished  and experienced candidates in Christian ministry,based  on the recommendation, bio-data of proved record.

Reguisitions are invited from those who are involved in Christian ministry and also interested in receiving  either an Honorary  Bachelor's,Master's and Honorary Doctorate degree such as, BMin.,BMiss.,M.Min.,M.Miss.,M.Music,DMin.,DD.,D.C.L., DLitt,D.Hum, D.Music, PhD, Either in the ABTS NEW DELHI Convocation or by post ( In absentia).

ABTS New Delhi,  wishes to recognise/motivate outstanding  servants of God (both the clergy and the laity) by awarding  Honorary Doctorates,Bachelors or Master's degree:

If you are a Pastor,Evangelist, or Leader of an active  Christian ministry,then  The Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) may be able  to grant you an Honorary doctoral degree on the basis of I Timothy  5:17, if you meet the following qualifications:

1. Must be at least 30 years old.Produce  evidence that you are a licensed  and ordained minister of the Gospel.

2. Verify that  you have  at least  10 years of full time or Part time ministerial  experience.

Prepared  a typed minimum one page summary  or resume of your work for the Lord.

3. Secured the endorsements of two other licensed or ordained ministers or other prominent  Christian leaders.

4. Make a small Contribution to the furtherance of the Apostolic Biblical  Theological Seminary  (ABTS) New Delhi  and its Christian ministries.

You may fill out online - Application form or you may download/ request an application by postal mail or E-mail. 


Apart from residential campus-based  degree course programmes, we also have internet correspondence degree courses, the reason, we offers internet correspondence courses  is to provide higher Biblical  and Theological Studies  to those who could not get opportunity or afford to go to residential Bible College or seminary-- but now are already in the ministry and have family, are in different services and have  many commitments which make them difficult to go to a residential Bible College. Therefore, we would like to bring the benefits to a large number of Christian people, including employees, adults interested in Bible Theological studies, women and housewives in India and abroad. ABTS is not a business-based Institute for we exist to educate, train and equip Christian men and women to serve under the lordship of Christ and the authority of God's Word, to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20;Mark 16:15-16).Now, you can receive study materials at home and send the answers by Email or  post. No extra expenditure-- for we value your money and time. Fee can be paid in installments also.

We look forward to mailing you bible study  theological Curriculum course  lessons, books, notes! 

Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)  exists to prepare and equip Christian men and women to serve under the lordship of Christ and the authority of God's Word, to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20;Mark 16:15-16) and by presenting the Accredited Degree programs.

Enrollment during any time of the year for all our Correspondence course programs.

Our Fees:

Needless to say, Our FEES for all Courses and Degrees are easily affordable, can be easily paid by any Pastor, Christian Ministers and any one who desires to do the desired  Theological Courses Degrees.Since the amount of Contribution you will be making to ABTS New Delhi  is a fairly low amount compared to the amount paid as fees charged by a Bible Colleges/Seminaries   in  India  or any other country, please do not request or apply for any Scholarship or Concession, and any such requests made will not be entertained or replied.

The minimum contribution fee that is applicable to the diplomas, degree program, in which you want to join, should be sent along with your application or at the same time. Your application will be processed, and the Admission Letter will be sent only after the receipt of your Contribution  Course fee !

Fee can be paid by the following procedures:

You can PAY Fee on-line in Favor of “ Dr Paogin Mangte” Through our bank accounts,etc. For International  students- You can PAY fee through  our Bank account or fee can be sent by “ Western Union Money Transfer" or "Moneygram Money transfer"--  and send the 10 digit mtcn no or password by Email at:  [email protected]  / [email protected]

If you want to send your course fee through our Bank accounts- Please send us an email and we will send you our Bank Details. Send us email at: [email protected]  [email protected]n or call us @ +91-8851503372.

Admission Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s Degree
High School Education (Equivalent to 12 years of schooling)
plus a few years of Theological Education or some Experience in the Ministry.
2. Master’s Degree
An earned Bachelor's Degree in Theology or a Bachelor's Degree in any field
(plus some Theological Education in a Bible School for a few years or 
some Ministerial Experience).
3. Doctoral Degree
An earned Master's Degree in Theology or a Master's Degree in any field 
(plus some Theological Education and Ministerial Experience)
If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for admission in a particular program:
i. Admission will be Denied
ii. Will be accepted in a Lower Degree Program
iii. Will be required to do some Additional Courses

However, the applicant will be given due credit for Life Experience and Christian Ministry Experience. If any course that we require has been already completed in an Accredited Bible College/Seminary/Theological University, we will let you exempt to take that course. But the ABTS core Courses offered by ABTS, will not be exempted.

ABTS List of Courses and Curriculum for Internet correspondence:-

You can benefit from  ABTS seminary curriculum without being a  residential seminary student.  The following courses and programs give you an opportunity to study a range of fields, such church history, theology, Biblical studies, even Biblical languages, at your location and pace.

ABTS New Delhi is dedicated to providing biblically grounded theological education even to students who cannot commit to a full-time, on-campus education.

The ABTS NEW DELHI curriculum's have been developed so as to provide the students with well-rounded course to study designed to equip students to fulfill the Essential responsibilities of a  Christian Pastor, Bible Teacher, Evangelist, Church leader,etc!

NB: If you have previously attended any other institutions you may transfer credits already earned. For us to accurately decide how many credits you will need. Please send us copies of any degrees or diplomas you have received from other colleges. This will determine where you stand and how many credits you will require to receive a degree.



TESTS-Types of Tests will be given for Internet-correspondence :

a.  True and False - Objective Test
b.  Essay Tests - Subjective Test
c.  Simple questions/Questionnaire will be asked from the curriculum. ( Nothing will be ask outside the curriculum).
d.  Examination will be conducted at your own place.
If you have already completed any of the courses listed above, or if you prefer to take some other course of interest to you, we will give you the option of choosing alternative courses from any list of courses, listed in our catalog, relevant to your area of specialization, subject to our approval.

Duration of each Course for ABTS correspondence?

There is no minimum time limit to finish the Course; you are eligible to send the Answers anytime you finish them and receive the Certificate. You can do it at your own pace. You can complete your Degree Program as quickly as you can, without any minimum time limit, if you make good grades and pass a special test.

Admission Procedures:

Fill out ABTS  application form Online or send us email and we will send your via email our application form,send one recent Passport size color Photo in JPG format as an attachment along with your testimonials along with Registration Fees and admission fee. Consideration Qualification can be waived based on  Christian Ministry Experience.

Internal/Regular courses will be taught in Morning, Day, Evening and week end classes!

If you are interested for Internal regular class room courses,please send us Email at:

[email protected] 

Students Life.

        On all class days there are chapel services, from Monday to Friday, we always have morning chapel services. And every Saturday at 7:00pm we have Saturday special weekend chapel service. Chapel time is the center of who we are as God's worshipping people. Our singing prepares our hearts to listen to God's Word. Our chapel services draw us into the biblical world in order to prepare us for the cultural world we live in. Everything else we do - study, pray, eat, dream - is anchored in this biblical practice that draws us daily into the heart of worship.

Monday to Friday morning chapel services and Saturday special chapel service  is compulsory to attend all these services. Students also have devotional time in the rooms at night and private devotion in the morning. For all residential students, Sunday morning church attendance is a must for all regular residential students. On Sundays, students are expected to attend OAPCI, Apostolic church.

Details of hostel life are provided in the Student Handbook. All regular orday scholar’s non residential students,  are expected to follow the Rules and Regulations faithfully. The college maintains strict discipline. Major or repeated violations of rules may result in dismissal.

Students Ministry.

        The weekend ministry is an important part of the training. Students get involved in tract distribution, house visitation, and personal evangelism. On Sundays, students are expected to attend OAPCI  church. During summer vacation, students are expected to get involved in various Christian ministries in co-operation with the college or under the guidance of their local churches. When the students return from vacation, they must bring a ministry report from their pastors.

(Regular -Residential)

#New Academic Session starting from 17 (Friday)
January 2020.



II Timothy 3:16:" All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousnes".

                                                  TEACH APOSTOLIC TRUTH. LOVE WELL.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ABTS -Equipping God's Servants for the Church & Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We believe that the best way to prepare for a lifetime of ministry is to study all 66 books of the Bible systematically and biblically, and continually reminding ourselves that, “The goal of our instruction is love.” (1 Timothy 1:5).

Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary, is an Independent,Interdenominational,

non-denominational,Biblical,Apostolic Fundamental Theological training, Bible Institute and seminary, founded upon the Apostle's doctrine (Acts 2:17-42).We are committed to assist Christian local Churches by training men and women for ministry with an emphasis on sound Bible Exposition, Biblical Theology-Christ-likeness and Local Church Ministry.

If you want to be a preacher,Bible College Lecturer,Professor,Theologian,Evangelist, Pastor and Bible Expositor or Bible Teacher, then ABTS Seminary can provide the essential preparation you need in Jesus Name!


👉We are looking forward to meet our ABTS regular and residential students on 17th January 2020. ABTS New Delhi 2020 academic first semester will starts from 17th January 2020.

👉At ABTS our aim is to equip the students with a quality seminary education emphasizing GREEK, HEBREW Languages, Bible Exposition, Biblical Theology,Missions and local Church involvement.

👉If you are looking for such a Quality Biblical Theological Education, then ABTS NEW DELHI would best meet your need.

👉The APOSTOLIC BIBLICAL THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY NEW DELHI (ABTS) is an under-graduate, post graduate, doctoral level theological Institution designed to equip its students with skills in Christian Biblical Ministries, Bible Exposition and Ministry in the local Church context.
🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓 🎓🎓🎓🎓

(Regular -residential)
#ABTS Invites applications from Christian committed men and women who have a definite call for the service of the LORD!

Dear Prospective Student,
Greetings to you in Jesus, our Saviour’s matchless name!


Thank you for your interest in Theological studies because you want that training to be a better minister of the true Gospel of Christ.
Here at ABTS New Delhi we offer the following programs through regular as day scholar, Part-time regular student and as full time regular Residential students ---all the following theological Course programmes :
☑.C.Th.,DBS ,B.Th., BMin.,BD
☑.M.Min.,MDiv.,MTh,In Missiology, Christian Theology,etc.
☑.D.Min. ThD.,PhD in Theology, Missiology, Pastoral Theology,Bible Exposition.

👉All Regular & Regular Residential Applicants will be required to take an English and Bible Knowledge, for BD.,MDiv.,MTh.,ThD regular programs will required to take a basic Greek and basic Hebrew Entrance Test along with the English qualifying exams and interviews before Admission for all regular and residential theological studies programs.

👉Please be informed that your Mark sheets be it secular or theological Mark sheets are extremely important for us because the admission committee will make decision regarding admissions only after going through the mark sheets. Bring all your original certificates and mark sheets when you appear for the entrance exam, for our reference.

📫📪To request more information:
Contact the Admissions Office:
Mon-Fri 10:am -5:00pm

Rev Dr P. Mangte,ThD.,PhD.
Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)
A-2,E-2, First Floor Block E,
40 Feet Road
Opp: Arya Medicos Pharmacy
Behind: Kanha Photo Studio
Near : C-1 Janakpuri
New Delhi -110059.
[email protected]
📞Principal no: 8851503372 (Mobile no with Whatsaap ).
ABTS Accredited Academic Courses offered In English through Internet/Correspondence are:-
☑ B.Th/B.Min
☑D.Min/Th.D (In Theology/Biblical studies/Christian Counseling, Pastoral Theology, Missiology.


ABTS New Delhi, Distance Education programs consist of well planned and thought out programs of study. Fundamentally, good teaching practices are basically identical to good traditional teaching practices.

We provide excellence well-designed Christ -Centered,Bible-Centered Curriculum and presentation outlines, along with the regular Bible college textbook and in some cases audio are the mode of delivery. The internet has now made it possible to become a part of a virtual classroom, on-line libraries, and constant contact with a mentor or professor.

Some Benefits of ABTS Distance Theological Education includes: -
(1) Accessible Theological studies education to students in rural areas, urban areas.
(2) Our Correspondence Students may complete their course of study without suffering the loss of salary due to relocation.
(3) Our Correspondence Students may study at their own pace allowing some to complete their work quicker while others may take longer.
(4) Our Correspondence Students may enroll and begin their studies any time during the year.
(5) In most cases our ABTS Distance Theological Education is quite less expensive compares to our Residential- regular course programmes.


In Jesus Name,
Thank you for your interest in Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) New Delhi,India.
If God directs you to prepare for a Christian ministry, it will be our joy to help give you the tools needed for effective, fruitful Christian service and Christ-Centered Biblical Ministry.

# Note:All programmes Courses are also offered through both Residential and Non- residential, day scholars class room study as well.

The Following Honorary (Honoris Causa) Theological Doctorates degrees can be conferred based on Christian Ministry experience:
👉Doctor of Divinity (DD),
👉Doctor of Ministry (DMin).
Upon special recommendation with a bio-data and a photo for their Christian Ministry accomplishments! You can also send your Bio-data / Photo, by email to [email protected]

👉Call or Send us and upload your profile-CV, Bio-data and send us @ Whatsaap no +91-8851503372.+91-9599513372
ABTS Campus:
Apostolic Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS)

A-2,E-2, First Floor Block E,
40 Feet Road
Opp: Arya Medicos Pharmacy
Behind: Kanha Photo Studio
Near : C-1 Janakpuri
New Delhi -110059.

For more information, please email your queries at [email protected] 
or speak with our Director .
☎📠 Phone no: +91- 8851503372.+91-9599513372

# 🗣 Call us before you visit the Seminary office!.

Rev Dr.P.Mangte,(Bishop)
BA., BTh., BD., M.Min.,MTh.,ThD.,PhD
👉Professor of Bible Exposition, Systematic Theology- Faculty Dept of Theology.,
👉 Principal, President of ABTS New Delhi.
👉Pastor/Bishop, President of OAPCI.
👉 Executive Board Member of NUCF India.
👉 Christian Advisory Board Member of Delhi Minorities Commission, Government of NCT Delhi.etc!
                      Bishop Dr P.Mangte is also Awards Recipient of several National level Awards:
1.Mother Teresa Excellence Award.
2.Noble Son of India Award.
3.Rastra Pratibha Puraskar Award.
4.Indian Award for Excellence Award.
5.Bharat Excellence Award.
6.Rashtriya Ratan Award.
7.Econs Education  Excellence Award ( To the Institution ABTS).
8.NUCF Theological Excellence award ( Awarded for his Contribution in the field of Theological Education in India).

Jesus is our GOD.
In His Service,

-Jenny Mangte

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